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Why these races?

Our Ethos is what we hope sets us apart.  We want to be a local race, that supports the local community and supports a sustainable future for the next generation.

That is why we are running the event in association with the Radyr & Morganstown Festival.  That involvement in the local community is important to us.

Any proceeds will go to local charities – more details on which ones we are supporting on the Web site.  Though we are particularly looking for charities that are in the local community, and invest in our future, such as supporting wildlife reserves – we love the countryside and want to protect it for future generations.

We have been inspired by other Charitable running races such as the Narberth Nobbler

I see you are Cardiff Harlequins Running Club – won’t the race be for club athletes?

No – we want local people to participate, and we are really looking to encourage people new to trail running to join in, hence the long cut offs.  As a running club that trains in the countryside we obviously would like to encourage others to find enjoyment from that which gives us so much.  We are a welcoming club, and if you want to know more about us please get in touch here

Do I need to run the whole distance?

Definitely not.  One of the beauties of trail racing is the environment, and many do ‘races’ just to have a safe supported environment to enjoy the countryside and take their time over it.  We have allowed 5 ½ Hours to complete the half marathon. That is 2 ½ Miles an hour - a fast walking pace.  So long as you can run the flat and gentle downs you’ll be fine.

In fact, the only people who run the entire route will be the small handful of elites at the front. The rest of us will walk up the hills. (update from 2019 race - even the top three this year walked some of the hills!)

If I’m walking some of it how long will it take?

Everyone is different, but to give you an idea I’m a sub 2 hour 'half marathon' runner, and it takes me about 2 ½ hours to run the half marathon route.  The hills and the varied terrain make a big difference.  Be aware of this if you are new to trail running.

I’ve never done a trail race before, do I need to train differently?

Probably, but it is not essential.  Because the ground is rocky and there are roots it is easier to twist an ankle.  Don’t let that stop you, just be aware of the risk and slow down a little.

We are not specialist personal trainers.  That said, the people at Aspire are specialists in training runners and in particular trail runners.  They are local and not a chain, and themselves have impressive race records at Ultra distances.

You seem to be advertising local businesses, why?

We are not advertising for them.  As we’ve said before we want to build the local trail running community.  We know these people actively support that community, and they are local – it just fits with our ethos.  If you know of other locally run business, let us know and we will happily talk to them.

The following answers to the questions are a bit tongue in cheek, but you’ll see why at the end….

Do I need all the kit, its warm and sunny?

Yes – a DQ makes no-one happy.  The kit is there for when things go wrong, not when things go well.  Anyway, we made the rules, and you agreed to them to participate.

My mate has found a cheap windproof thing from this cheap supermarket, will it do?

No – the waterproof top in the Kit list is mandatory, as is all the other gear.  If you have any questions about kit please visit Up and Under.  They are a local family run company and are experts in all things outdoors.  They will gladly discuss with you appropriate products to meet the kit list.

What shoes do you recommend?

See Up and Under. We are not shoe experts, our local specialist shops can provide you with better advice.  All we will say is that the shoes should have good grip – it is a trail race.  Beyond that who knows, in May we could have had 4 weeks of rain, or 4 weeks of drought.

Is La Sportiva better than Salomon; is a Suunto watch better or should I get a Garmin?

Again ask your specialist retailer.  Alternatively we all like a giggle – ask one of the online communities such as the Trail Running Association Facebook Page the comments are still amusing even after the 100th time.

More Seriously….

Sorry if you are new to all this, the questions above are often asked repeatedly and lead to some tired answers.  If you really are new, Facebook is not the place for advice.  Your local specialist outdoor shop will love to spend time with you.  We’ve recommended one that we know is a local business, and has the required level of expertise (you’d be surprised how little knowledge exists in the national chains), but there are others.  As with all sports we are always keen to invite new people into the community.  If you genuinely need to understand about footwear or digital accessories they can advise you far better than us.


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