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Race details

Special Note for 2022
There are two races.  Each race has the option of mass start or individual start, to allow competitors to choose to socially distance from a mass start should they choose.  Race Results will show just the two events (half and full marathon).  Should you choose to 'individual start', you will start some minutes behind the main field.  The timing system will amend your time accordingly so you do not suffer any detriment.  You can choose your prefered option on race entry.  It can be amended up until the race entry close date
Race Details

Marathon Race Start: 8:00, 7th May 2022 

Registration Opens: 6:00 (for both races) (details on Friday registration will be published later to support COID safety) 

Registration Closes: 7:30

Half Marathon Race Start: 9:00, 7th May 2022 

Registration Reopens: 7:45

Registration Closes: 8:30


There will be a kit check at registration – no kit, no entry. Full kit list information can be found here.

The venue for the race is:

Cardiff Harlequins Running Club
Diamond Ground

Forest Farm Road


CF14 7JN

Putting the post code in google maps, you can see the rugby club of the same name, which is the venue.

Cost for entry to the half marthon is £25.00

Cost for entry to the marathon is £33.00

Half Marathon

The course will be signed and should not require map reading or navigation skills. However, due to the length of the race, and wishing to keep the ‘exploring’ feel of being in the countryside, runners should expect distances where there may be no signage. Signs will be at junctions and pathway choices.  

Despite the best laid plans, some runners may still lose their way. For that reason, we will be providing a map of the route on Ordinance Survey 1:25000. An ability to understand these maps will be helpful.

We have employed the services of CAVRA for our medical support. They are also a fully trained and very experienced search and rescue team. If you do get lost, please contact the emergency number provided on the day, and we will get you back on the right path.

The race contains 2 checkpoints, with water and light refreshments.


The course will follow the route of the half marathon for the first seven miles, which will be well marked.  The marathon loop to Rudry will not be significantly marked.  There will be a few arrows at crucial junctions, though there will be an expectation on runners to be able to navigate.  

There will be compulsory clip markers on the summits of each of the hills, and at pertinent locations to ensure runners travel at least the full marathon distance.  A map and gpx file will be provided with the marathon route.

Be warned, the marathon route is not easy.  It is not a route for a 'first marathon'.  Last year, the half marathon took runners an additional half an hour to an hour longer than their road race times.  That easily means three hours of racing for the half.  If you have not completed a three hour race such as a triathalon, then consider the half route.  If you do fancy going for broke we will try to support you, even if it is your first try. You have been warned :-)  The cut offs are there to ensure that we can check runners medical fitness at appropriate points around the course.  We do want runners to achieve thier goals, but we also bear in mind it is meant to be a beautiful day in the country.

The race contains 3 checkpoints, with water and light refreshments.

Cut offs

For the half marathon - Cut offs are generous and allow for approximately 2.5 m.p.h progress – which is fast walking.  Remember there are some hills, so this is quite a challenge if you are considering walking the whole route.

Race Start: 9:00

CP1 Cut Off: 11:10 (5.35 Miles)

CP2 Cut Off: 13:00 (10 Miles)

Race Finish: 14:30 (13.6 Miles)

For the Full Marathon - since we see this as a race for the more experienced runner, there will be an overall time limit of 8 hours for the full marathon route.  This equates to about 3.25 miles per hour.

CP2 Cut Off: 12:30 (15.5 Miles)

CP3 Cut Off: 3:00 (22.5 Miles)

Race Finish: 16:00 (26.3 Miles)

Travel to and from the event

Please, if at all possible, use public transport.  The venue is very well served by the local train services.  Radyr Train station has very regular services to and from Cardiff City Centre, usually not more than 10 minutes apart.  The venue is about 5 minutes’ walk from the railway station.

Should you need to bring your car, please try and car share.  There is ample parking at the venue.



There are changing rooms and showers at the venue.

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