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Race terms and conditions

All competitors agree to abide by the race terms and conditions.



Trail running can involve some risks.  Unlike road races, competitors will face obstructions in the path, such as stones and tree roots.  Whilst the organisers will take all reasonable steps to minimise risks to competitors, all competitors must take responsibility for their own safety, including


  • Being aware of the environment and trip hazards

  • Cross roads safely.  Where there is a marshal present, you must follow the directions of the marshal.  Marshals will be present on roads which are either busy, or where speeds of vehicles will be expected to be higher than in built up areas.

  • Take adequate care of environmental factors, such as heat.  If the weather is hot, please take on extra fluids and adjust your pace.

  • Only participating in the race if you are medically fit to do so.  Should you have a medical condition, please contact your GP for advice.  We are not trained in medical matters and cannot offer advice.  We will expect all competitors to have made their own assessment of their fitness to compete and taken appropriate advice where necessary to minimise any risks.

Withdrawing from the Race

Competitors may cancel their entry prior to 2 calendar months before the event and will receive a refund minus an administration charge.

The terms above are not because we wish to be difficult.  We will incur costs as people enter, and we need to ensure we can cover those costs.  The terms are non-negotiable.  We will be very sorry if you hear that your favourite Aunt has just come down with a bad cold the night before the race, but we cannot reimburse you.  We are clear on the rules up front so that matters are fair for everyone.

Quitting the Race


Please, please let someone know!  If for any reason you need to pull out of the race once it has started, please ensure the organisers are made aware.  If possible, please retire at a Check Point.  If this is not possible, please telephone the contact number given on the day.

If you pull out without notifying us, you may very well see a major search and rescue exercise on the television news in the pub where you are enjoying your pint.  Our stretched emergency services will not thank you.  So please – just let us know.

The excellent Garth Pub and other warmly welcoming establishments are on the race route.  We know how inviting these places are when you are cold and tired.  So whilst you are choosing your beer, please call us.

Race Cancellation

Should the race be cancelled it will be for reasons beyond our control.  We will seek to find an alternative date in the first instance.  Entry fees will not be refundable.

Should an alternative date not be available we will if possible refund entry fees.  We cannot be held responsible for other costs incurred, such as transport and hotels.

Cut Offs

The race will expect competitors to reach each Check Point and the Finish within a fixed time, Cut Offs.


The half marathon race has generous cut offs.  A fast walker could complete the course within the cut off times.  If you are able to occasionally run the flat sections and the gentle down hills, you will easily make the cut-offs.  If you are cut, please respect the marshals’ decision.  The cut offs are there for two main reasons


  • To ensure your safety.  The safety kit, nutrition and support has all be designed with a 5 ½ hour cut for the half, and an 8 hour cut off for the marthon off in mind.  Lengthening the timings will increase health risks to yourself.  Cut offs at Check Points are calculated to be met for a competitor seeking to achieve completion within the overall time limit (approx. 2.5 miles per hour for the half & 3 m.p.h for the marathon)

  • To ensure the safety of our marshals.  Some of our marshals will be working for over 8 hours to ensure you have as pleasant a day as possible.  Please respect the fact that they are providing their time for free, for you.  We owe them the decency to let them return as agreed at the start of the day.




General Courtesy
The race will go through some very special areas, which are outstandingly beautiful, and some are conservation areas.  We should all be aware of the huge pressures on the environment.  One of the aims of the race is to raise an awareness of the preciousness of our countryside and seek to protect it for future generations.

We will be very strict and all must


  • Leave no litter (or preferably pick litter up, even if it is not yours!)

  • Close gates

  • Respect livestock – these are a farmer’s livelihood, we are enjoying a day out.

  • Respect other users of the countryside who have as much right as us to use the countryside.

  • Keep to the signed route paths, to reduce erosion off route.

Any person found not abiding by the above will be immediately Disqualified.  Your name will be provided to other local Race Directors for consideration.


To repeat the information in the kit section.  You are expected to carry the essential kit.  Any competitor who fails a kit check (this can occur at any point in the race if an organiser suspects an individual to not have the essential kit), could be Disqualified.  The Kit is there for your safety.  Don’t be a fool – have the kit!  The kit will not make you faster, but it could save your life.  Despite the fact we are very close to a major city, it can still take time for aid to both find you and provide assistance. Should the weather turn bad, and you are injured, the kit will keep you alive until support arrives.  Symptoms of hyperthermia and other similar ailments are known even in cities and can kill.

Other Matters


Some of the steeper ascents and descents in the race are occasionally used by mountain cyclists.  They can be travelling at speed and may not be able to stop quickly.  Please be accommodating and give them space.

Race Community

Trail racing is very different from road racing.  One of the pleasures of the sport is the community spirit.  The challenging route leads to a respect for all who complete the course.  We wish to encourage that social aspect of the trail community.  Should you find other competitors in trouble, either through injury or are simply lost, please provide assistance.  As part of the rules, the organisers will hold the right to take due consideration to support any competitors offering support to other athletes.


One of the other pleasures of trail racing is the opportunity to enjoy some time alone in the countryside.  There could easily be times you are on your own, with a chance to soak up nature and hear nothing but the birds.

Please don’t cheat and cut short the route.  There are plenty of opportunities to do so on the route.  This is not in the spirit of the trail running community.  We like to trust people in our community.  If you cheat - you may well end up saving 30 seconds, but you still won’t win Olympic Gold and we won’t like you very much.


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